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Why People are so Passionate about Espresso

If enjoy your coffee then the chances are that you have tasted an espresso or two before now. Many coffee drinkers love espresso, but there are also a number of people who really do not like the taste. It is, however, estimated that more people in the world drink espresso than drink regular coffee.  In fact, in many parts of Europe espresso is actually the main coffee drink today! There are many reasons why so many people around the world enjoy drinking espresso and here are just a few that folks mention when they are asked why they love espresso so much:

The Wonderful  Taste!

The majority of espresso drinkers simply love it because it has so much more flavour than cappuccino or regular coffee. It is thicker and is high in caffeine making it a lot more tasteful than other coffee drinks. Many people also enjoy the crema or foam that sits on the top of an espresso and some will often sprinkle a little cinnamon or other sweet herb on top for extra taste!

The Variety of Espresso’s!

If you’ve never drank espresso before or even if you have, you may not be aware that there are over 20 different types of espresso available around the world. Some of the more well-known varieties are Affogato, Alexandrino, Americano, Breve and Café Bonbon to name just a few of them. Perhaps the number of variations is another reason espresso is so popular. Just to give you a short explanation and a flavour for a couple, Affogato is typically severed over gelato, which is similar to ice cream, usually with a vanilla flavouring.  Alexandrino is another variation of espresso which is served topped with a layer of condensed milk, and a fresh cinnamon stick or two to add even more flavour to the drink!

Espresso CoffeeWhat are Espresso Shots!

One serving of espresso is known as an espresso shot and is typically about one ounce in size. Espresso contains considerably more caffeine than regular coffee and so 2-3 shorts is usually more than enough to kick start your day or give you an extra boost in the evening, although not an ideal drink to have just before bedtime!

Hopefully we have given you a flavour as to why espresso is so popular and why it has been so for centuries, maybe next time you’re in a coffee house you may just be tempted to try one for yourself.

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